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My name is Albert Abeya and my beginnings in the sector date back to 1975 when the family business, dedicated to making lingerie, corsetry and swimwear, was created. It reached high prestige in the swimwear range, producing garments of some of the leading firms in this field, both nationally and internationally.

The knowledge acquired in the company at all levels in the manufacture of swimwear and my interest in creating the garments, meant that after studying various systems for creating patterns, I started the pattern service to companies in the sector. After a short time, it was one of our manufacturing clients who ordered what would be my first fashion swimwear patterns. The next step was the launch of my own collections, in which the special shape, good fit and finish of the garments were outstanding.

Since then I have created hundreds of patterns for bikinis and swimsuits which have generated some highly seasoned bases and, therefore, guaranteed satisfaction for future clients.

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In Patronista.com I use the AccuMark-Silhouette computer system provided by the company Gerber Technology, a world leader in CAD systems for creating patterns and markers. Thanks to this type of technology multiple advantages are obtained:


The creation of patterns quickly reflected to a digital system thanks to AccuMark by-Silhouette.


Maximum precision. Fast and intuitive viewing.


Exact grading. Verification of seams in all sizes.


Markers made with optimal use of the fabrics.


Delivery of the works by files that can be sent via e-mail in the desired format.

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If you are a designer or you have a swimwear fashion company, I am at your disposition to help you in the creation of your new patterns

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Patronista.com was created for the purpose of helping emerging and already professional designers who have their own brand of swimwear and of course, those companies consolidated in the sector. I offer the possibility of outsourcing a task in which timing is of the essence, especially when new collections are being created. My intention is to make life easier so that all of your creative potential can be used to the maximum. Let me handle the performance and grading of your patterns. Ask me for a quote for your designs without any obligation.

In the following, you will be able see the different services I offer in more detail.

Design assistance

Capture your ideas and creativity efficiently. The experience accumulated over 20 years in the fashion swimwear industry allows me to give you assistance and advice on the design of your garments. The use of different fabrics and linings, preparation details, types of seams, materials and trimmings to be used, etc. They are vital for obtaining a swimsuit or bikini with maximum guarantees of quality and distinction. I am at your disposition to achieve this.

Make the base pattern

I can make the pattern model you want from a drawing, design or photograph. It is also possible to extract the patterns of already made garments. The accuracy and reliability of the Gerber AccuMark Silhouette pattern making system, contributes significantly in making your new creations a reality, whether you plan to use the patterns at personal or business level. What’s more, you will have your patterns digitalized with all of the benefits that this entails.

Cutting and sewing

Information and assistance regarding the cutting and sewing of the garment. Placement and directionality of Lycra materials and the different types of linings. Tips on the type of machinery to use, as well as detailed information on the different stages of preparation of the garment that you want to create. Knowing all these details is of great importance because of the special features of swimwear by always being made with elasticised fabrics.

Pattern grading

Once the prototype of a particular garment is approved, the next step is the preparation of the grading from the base size. This grading is made according to the rules provided by the client or with my usual growth dimensions. The Gerber AccuMark Silhouette system allows you to develop the growths with total consistency and accuracy. The client chooses the type of annotation for the corresponding sizes. This can be numerical (38-40-42-etc.) or also in the alphanumeric annotation (S-M-L-XL-etc.)

Markers making

Making the markers required for a specific amount of production, or knowing in advance the consumption of a prototype to make the corresponding sample. My marker creation programme will particularly contribute to reducing the consumption of fabric, minimizing fabric waste. The markings can be made in digital format, to be used in an automatic cutting machine or directly on satin finish white paper of 50 grammes to be used with the classic manual cutting system.

Technical data

Technical datasheets for tailoring. General description of the bikini or swimsuit. Preparation of vector drawing with front and back view with details of the different types of seams. Indication of how to cut the garment, both the Lycra fabric and linings or special fabrics corresponding Information of the different trimmings adorning it. Regarding the preparation, the different phases (with the necessary machinery) as well as the measurements of the areas which must be joined once the garment is finished. With all of this information we make the clothing manufacturer's work much easier.

Pattern digitizing

Pattern digitizing service for any type of garment. If you have patterns made of paper or cardboard and you want to be modernized and up-to-date, I offer you the possibility to transfer your patterns to a CAD computerized system. This represents a very important improvement in terms of accuracy, storage space and organization, easing retouching, changes, shipping, etc. It is possible to deliver patterns in different file systems. Ask me for information.

Shipping by E-mail

All of these services and works can be sent via E-mail, after processing the patterns in digital files compatible with any computer and home printer, such as PDF (Adobe Reader), DXF (AutoCAD) or files of a more industrial scope such as GERBER (DXF and GERBER under prior estimate). Also patterns drawn on white satin finished paper of 50 gr. can be shipped by courier or conventional transport.

My work

In this section you can see some examples of patterns that I have created. They all belong to my own collections as I never include images of models ordered by my clients. Confidentiality and privacy are also very important for me.

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Swimsuit 428122

Bikini 418503

Trikini 420108

Bikini 418101

Swimsuit 420120

Bikini 410566P

Swimsuit 429594

Bikini 410388

Swimsuit 427411

Bikini 410574

Swimsuit 420574

Bikini 410127

Swimsuit 428567

Bikini 419131

Bikini 417613

Swimsuit 428130

Bikini 417138

Plain swimsuit design

Print swimsuit design

Plain bikini design

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